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Spot welding electrode tips

ARTRODE can be used in RWMA class 1, 2 and some class 3 applications. According to table 1 ARTRODE-11 exceeds all the requirements needed for class 2 type material.

ARTRODE works on all types of bare and coated steels and aluminum. It is especially suitable for welding of galvanized sheet metal and readily outperforms other alloys such as Cu-Cr-Zr.

Electrode tips are made from ARTRODE in different male and female types mainly by cold forging and in some cases by machining. Dimensional accuracy and consistency are guaranteed by using high precision carbide dies.

The outstanding properties such as excellent hardness retention at elevated temperature, high electrical conductivity, low alloying effect, non-sticking characteristics on coated steel and good formability make it a suitable electrode for spot welding of all types of steel sheets in car body assembly lines and similar applications.

Extensive testing carried out on galvanized sheet metal showed that zinc pick up by ARTRODE-11 is negligible as compared to copper-chromium-zirconium alloy. The low mushrooming rate which is an outstanding property of ARTRODE-11 minimizes costly interruptions associated with tip dressing and tip changing.

Cap tips made from ARTRODE offer many advantages over class 2 type electrodes and affect the economy of the production in following ways:

- Minimizing downtime due to reshaping and change of tips.
- Non sticking characteristics on coated steel.
- Improved life time.
- Stability of the weld quality
- Reducing energy requirements
- Smoother start up
- Longer life of shanks and holders due to less tip changing
- Increasing production rate

Test results of welding galvanized steel sheet by electrodes made from ARTRODE-11 and Cu-Cr-Zr using the same welding parameters are shown for comparison.

In this test the weld nugget diameter was measured periodically after destructive testing of the weld assembly. According to the test results electrodes made from ARTRODE exhibit weld nugget stability and double life time as compared to Cu-Cr-Zr electrodes