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Machinery & Tooling
Machinery & Tooling

Our expertise in metallurgy helps us to develop our own technology and manufacture the machinery and tooling within the company including:

Atomizing plant
Heat treatment furnaces
Compaction presses
Hot extrusion
Cold drawing bench
Precision die making section
Precision cutters
Double action-high speed forging presses

On-Site Laboratory

Every and each batch of product is carefully tested in our on-site laboratory for quality and consistency prior to further processing.

Standard tests are as follows:
1- Density test
2- Electrical conductivity test
3- Hardness test
4- Tension test for mechanical properties
5- Metallography


Artash Composite has developed its own know-how and registered it.

Using the latest Nano technology and powder metallurgy techniques we managed to produce ARTRODE which is one of the highest quality grades of this category.

It is noteworthy that all machinery and tooling is made by the company engineers.