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we produce copper-alumina nano composite which is a high conductivity high temperature resistant material and has a broad range of industrial applications. There are also other copper based products like spot welding electrodes which you may see on Products section for further information.


This material consists of pure copper containing ultrafine particles of aluminum oxide (10 nm ave size) which are uniformly dispersed in copper matrix. Aluminum oxide is produced by a process during which oxygen reacts with aluminum in copper lattice in the solid state. This method as compared to other techniques produces the finest particle size and the best distribution. AL2O3 is very hard and thermally stable...

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Electrode tips are made from ARTRODE in different male and female types mainly by cold forging and in some cases by machining. Dimensional accuracy and consistency are guaranteed by using high precision carbide dies.

The outstanding properties such as excellent hardness retention at elevated temperature, high electrical conductivity, low alloying effect, non-sticking characteristics on coated steel and good formability make it a suitable electrode for spot welding of all types of steel sheets in car body assembly lines and similar applications...

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The uniform dispersion of ultra fine AL2O3 particles makes ARTRODE a suitable choice for serving in severe conditions. When high conductivity and wear resistance are required (especially at elevated temperatures) ARTRODE exhibits outstanding performance. For example contact tips in submerged arc welding need to have low electrical resistance, high thermal conductivity, wear resistance and structure stability at high temperatures...

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Strips are made from copper rod by cold forming methods such as rolling and drawing followed by bright annealing. High electrical conductivity and dimensional accuracy make this product suitable for transformers, conductors and many other electrical applications. It can be supplied over a wide range of mechanical properties depending on client's request...

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The copper powder is produced by water atomizing method and can be supplied in different mesh numbers. The irregular shape of the particles causes good mechanical locking and high strength of green compacts. Due to the high purity of the powder it can be used for fabrication of electric parts...

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